Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is this a business opportunity, MLM, or Network Marketing Program of any type?

A.  NO this is NOT a business opportunity.  There's NO application,  sign up fee, levels, generations, recruiting, or monthly requirements!  This is simply the purchase of a commodity, the building of an asset, and the creation of generational wealth.  Should you choose to refer others, there is a payout of 10% (TROPTIONS.GOLD) for the referral's order(s) which is sent to your virtual wallet 24-48 hours upon submission of the order form.


Q.  Can I purchase XTROPTIONS.GOLD or TROPTIONS.GOLD on a recurring basis each month?

A.  Yes! You can purchase them on a recurring basis (see order form) but NO, it's not automatic.  Automation would mean storing your banking information and corporate chooses not to do so at this time.



A.  You must pay for XTroptions.AUS, XTROPTIONS.GOLD and TROPTIONS.GOLD with Apple Pay, Cash App, Zelle, Cash (for TROPTION holders who sell) Google Pay, Credit Card (pay by phone) PayPal,  or Bank Wire (in some cases).


Q.  I have an existing wallet for other crypto currencies I own.  Can this wallet be used to fund my TROPTIONS?

A.  Because different currencies use different block chains for transactions we do NOT recommend using an existing wallet address.  To be on the safe side use ONLY one of the 2 wallets recommended for TROPTIONS.AUS, XTROPTIONS.GOLD, or TROPTIONS.GOLD. Visit: www.counterwallet.ioor and create your virtual wallet for TROPTIONS! 


Q.  Where are the corporate headquarters, crypto white papers, mission statements etc? 

A.  Please visit the corporate site: note the corporate site is NOT "ex"change, but "X" change.  Any other site is NOT a representation of TROPTIONS.AUS, XTROPTIONS.GOLD, or TROPTIONS.GOLD.


Q.  Is there a minimum amount of time required to "hold my TROPTIONS" before I can leverage them, sell them, or make purchases with them?

A.  NO.  The minute you purchase XTROPTIONS.AUS, XTROPTIONS.GOLD or TROPTIONS.GOLD they are yours!  Minimums are required when there's a "new coin" doing an "ICO" (Initial Coin Offering) to raise money.  TROPTIONS is a barter company with a 14 year track record (prior to crypto currency's existence).  There was no need for an ICO.  Your currency is YOURS to use immediately.


Q.  How do I "cash out" my TROPTIONS?

A.  The longer you own TROPTIONS, the more you will realize that you do not want to "cash them out."  We refer to that as going "back down" to USD.  The preferred semantics and mentality is to "convert" your TROPTIONS.  This means: 1) Purchase assets that create cash 2)  Purchase assets and sell the assets for cash 3)  Hold your TROPTIONS and let them appreciate for long term gain and sell the "appreciation" to those in need of TROPTIONS.


Q.  How do I check the daily market value for Troptions?

A.  The site to check Troptions' value is (no "WWW." necessary.)  Please note the symbol to search is NOT "Troptions." Enter "XTROPTIONS.AUS", "XTROPTIONS.GOLD", or "TROPTIONS.GOLD" to research the current market values!

Q.  What can I purchase with my TROPTIONS?

A.  Always remember this:  Right now you cannot purchase "everything" with TROPTIONS, but you can purchase "anything" with TROPTIONS!  For example, the Honda Dealership may not accept crypto currency (yet), but there are Honda owners  who accept crypto currency NOW!  (See Craigslist and check the "crypto currency" inquiry field.)  Also visit our "Trop Shop" www.ShopWithTroptions.comto see what fellow TROPTIONS Holders are selling.  You can upload things you are willing to accept TROPTIONS for.  The good news is we are responsible for our own barter systems, trades, deals, and eco systems.  Once you begin to start treating TROPTIONS like "your money" (because it is) you will see that you have ZERO limitations.  1) Start asking the question, "Do you accept Crypto Currency?" 2) Give a quick explanation on why it's better than cash.  3) Watch what starts to happen!


Q.  Is there a minimum amount required to purchase TROPTIONS?

A.  Crypto Currency represents the epitome of peer to peer which means there are no minimum requirements.  Everyone has different level of disposable income so to some $500 feels like “$5,” while to others $500 "feels like $5,000!” The decision is yours to make and this is not “the bank.”  You do, however, want to make it worth your while.  For example, "testing the waters" with $10 is not even worth the gas it takes to go to the ATM or the fee it takes to “send it.”  Be responsible, but be reasonable.  Ask yourself, “what it my goal in this crypto space?” Now, start taking the steps necessary to hit it!


Q.  I know several business owners personally, how do I get them involved in our TROPTION Eco-System? 

A.  All it takes is a conversation and MOST business owners will understand the power of TROPTIONS.

1)  Ask, "Do you accept Crypto Currency for payment?"

2) Explain TO THE OWNER (not employees/managers) why they should consider.  Example- "A dollar today is a dollar tomorrow and the same dollar next Friday.  A coin today is not a coin tomorrow and could double by next Friday!"

3)  Set up an appointment to show them the power of and our eco-system and explain the benefits.

4)  Have them fill out an LOU (Letter of Understanding) which simply means they agree to accept TROPTIONS when our community comes their way! 



Alternate Wallet Instructions:

 “ will not download to my phone.  Is there another way to fund my wallet?”  There is an alternate wallet to called 


Visit: from a desktop/laptop. You will see “CounterParty” on the right and “CoinDaddy” on the left.  Choose CounterParty!

Click “Create New Wallet”

BE SURE to write down and screenshot the 12 pass phrases that are assigned to you immediately.

“Accept the Terms” and welcome to the World of Crypto


Q.  “I already have, but the app is not opening or my cell phone is moving slow! How can I access my currency another way?” 

A.  Do not panic.  The app is simply “easy access” for you to check you balances and do deals. As long as you have your 12 pass phrases, you can access your account across platforms. Your crypto is safe, sound, and actually housed on the Bitcoin Block Chain!


If you already have, but need to access to your account a different way:


Visit from a desktop or laptop and “Sign In.”

Enter your same 12 passphrases to see your balances etc. does not show you the “USD Conversion” of the currency you own.  It will, however, show you the amount of coins you own.  To see your USD conversion:


Simply copy your wallet address: Ex -“1nsKasUHkase675ejmas893hgy9hn.” 

Take that address to and paste your wallet address in the search.  You can always see your values, balances here.



Q.  Which tier of Troptions are commissions paid in?

A.  Whether the Referred Troptions Holder orders TROPTIONS.GOLD or XTROPTIONS.GOLD, the commissions are paid out in the form of TROPTIONS.GOLD.


Q.  Do I get paid commissions on those I refer who refer others also?

A.  The 10% commission is paid on Personal Referrals ONLY.  This isNOTa Network Marketing Program, MLM Opportunity, Matrix or any other type structure that pays commissions on generations, levels, or organizations.


Q.  How do I receive the commissions for the people I personally refer?

A.  The Referred Troptions Holder must enter your Personal Referral ID# (PRID#) on their Troptions Order Form for you to receive credit for the referral.  (Complete the Personal Referral ID Request Form if you have not done so to receive your PRID#.)


Q.  Do I earn commissions no matter how big or small the order?

A.  Commissions are only paid on orders placed for $100 or more in TROPTIONS.Gold or XTROPTIONS.Gold!


Q.  How do I track the commissions from my referrals? 

A.  The best way to track my commissions is to click/refresh the “history” (clock icon) on my Free Wallet.  The total will equate to 10% of the total orders from the Troption Holders I PERSONALLY referred the previous week.  For example: If you personally referred John, Susan, & Tom who all bought $100 worth of Troptions for a TOTAL of $300.  Your history will show a total of $30 (10%) TROPTIONS.Gold added to your wallet.


Q.  What is the "pay period or cut off" for commissions?

A.  The Troptions commission “pay period or cut off” is Sunday Midnight to Sunday Midnight, and commissions are paid on Monday mornings. 


Q.  I have a problem with my commissions and I need to "see the manager and curse them out."

A.  Before you take that stance, understand that being paid a commission in the Crypto Currency space is a privilege, not a right; meaning it can personally be taken away. This is a unique opportunity and few (if any) other currencies are paying commissions for their introduction.


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